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Interactive Cat Toys Keep My Cats Interested

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cat supplies and more blog 2 2-25-15I have two cats who have not really been all that interested in playing with the toys that I have purchased for them. They don’t like playing with catnip mice or any other toys that many cats enjoy because they want something that will move so that they can attack it. This means that I have to buy toys that I can play with my cats with so that they can have fun with this.

I always have fun going to pet stores and looking online for new toys that I can use to play with my cats. I often buy interactive cat toys that can keep my cats’ attention for a very long time. Since my cats are so picky with the toys that they will play with, some of these toys see a lot more use than others that they do not like to play with as much.

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cat supplies and more blog 1 2-25-15The phrase curiosity killed the cat becomes all too real some of the time when outdoor cats end up being hit by cars, hung up on trees by their collars, or trapped somewhere where they cannot escape. Keeping an outdoor cat safe can be really difficult since there are so many dangerous things for them to get into. With a standard cat collar, there are even more dangers a cat can encounter.

If you want your outdoor cat to wear a collar, you should make sure that the collar that they wear will not get them snagged on anything. The best way to do this is to provide them with a breakaway collar which will just snap off in an emergency. This will help outdoor cats stay a lot safer when they are running around outdoors.

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cat supplies and more blog 2 1-23-15Most cat owners have dealt with the horror of having to give their precious pet a bath at one point or another. When cats get older, they often start to have trouble grooming themselves which may end up leading to the need for baths on a more regular basis. These baths can be very stressful and uncomfortable for both the cat owner and the cat involved.

Much of the trouble with bathing cats comes from the fact that most of them don’t exactly love to be in the water all of the time. A cat can easily be kept clean without the need for water soaking through their fur. A waterless shampoo made especially for cats, can make a good substitute for an actual bath. This is especially good for older cats who don’t need the added stress of a bath.

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Catnip-Free Cat Toys for an Allergic Cat

posted by 9Lives-N-Counting

cat supplies and more blog 1 1-23-15My friend’s cat is one of the small number of cats that has all kinds of different allergies that affect the way that she has to take care of him. Her cat is especially allergic to catnip, which can cause him to be unable to breath if he is exposed to too much of it. She has to be very careful to make sure that nothing that he is allowed to play with has catnip in it at all.

It is often difficult for her to buy cat toys because so many of these contain some amount of catnip in them. She often will buy her cat several catnip-free cat toys when she finds ones without catnip so that he has enough toys to tide him over until she is able to find a lot more. She has found it a bit easier to buy toys without catnip for her cat online recently.

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BigKickersnew-noBGRatherbee El Gato Big Kicker Catnip Toys, as with all the Ratherbee Kickers, are 11″ long packed entirely with catnip. That makes for a full 2.5oz of catnip!

Ratherbee El Gato Big Kicker Catnip Toys come from our favorite manufacturer of catnip toys, Blue Rat, and American small business in Pennsylvania.  All Blue Rat catnip toys use only 100% Organic catnip, which is sustainably grown from a farm nearby. And this is strong catnip!

The Ratherbee El Gato Big Kickers are unique from other Ratherbee Kickers in their leopard print fabrics. This is sturdy cotton, which will hold up to kitty’s kicking and tossing. If your cats are hard on their catnip toys, if they love to grab and kick, the Ratherbee Kickers are just the right thing.

If your cats are lickers more than kickers (that is, they prefer to lick their toys into soggy messes rather than kick them in a while frenzy), you might prefer the smaller Ratherbee Carrots, or the Ratherbee Nips and other smaller Ratherbee toys with lighter-weight fabric.

Lima with her Ratherbee El Gato Big Kicker Catnip Toy

Lima with her Ratherbee El Gato Big Kicker Catnip Toy, used with permission




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We are sad to have to say that these treats were discontinued early in 2015. 

The first shipment of Tail Mix Roasted Chicken Cat Treats

New from the amazing people at Whole Life Pet is the Tail Mix Roasted Chicken Cat Treats. These crunchy and super yummy chunks (about 1/2″ each) are made of 100% chicken leg and thigh meat, no additives and no fillers. The meat is first roasted, then freeze-dried in their massive state-of-the-art freeze dryer. These all natural treats are real human-grade food for cats!

Tail Mix Roasted Chicken Cat Treats can be given as treats right out of the bag, or can be crumbled and put on food (as with the Easy Additions Cat Food Topper), or can be crushed and moistened in warm water. The treats are stored in a resealable bag, with about 30 nuggets per bag.

We have round these to be a real winner. We still give the kitties the other Whole Life Pet freeze-dried treats (especially the cod, which is the favorite flavor at our house) but we also like the crunchy texture of the Tail Mix Roasted Chicken Cat Treats to help clean their teeth. They love the flavor, so it’s a win-win. And the best part is, we know the meat comes from an American small business who is a conscientious meat supplier.

Junior Fluffkins says: "What's better than a box? A box with Tail Mix Roasted Chicken Cat Treats!"

Junior Fluffkins says: “What’s better than a box? A box with Tail Mix Roasted Chicken Cat Treats!”

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Beautifully Earth-Friendly Cat Collars

Eco Safety Cat Collars are new from Lupine, the makers of awesome cat collars, H-harnesses and leads. Aside from the fact these collars make us drool, we love them because this line is eco-friendly—the collars are made from recycled plastic bottles. Even the special packaging for this line is eco-friendly. And yet, I can tell you from holding them, that they don’t feel like plastic, nor do they look it.

The Eco Safety Cat Collars come in 9 luscious colors. Who know that plastic bottles could look this good? The Eco Breakaway Cat Collars are made in a beautiful and intricate two-tone weave, and are available in warm, cool, and neutral tones. Lupine says this color palette is inspired by the natural world, and certainly it offers something for every kitty. The question is, do you try to match your kitty’s eyes, or set off fur colors? We’re still struggling with that as we hold these colors up to our kitties here.



I love how Lupine plays with the “eco” name label—while earth-friendly obviously comes to mind, clearly they also have the stylish kitty in mind, as they call it Earth Conscious Outfits!! I love that. Currently the Eco Safety Collars are only available as the Breakaway (“Safety”) with Bell model. They are 8″-12″ long and as always are in the 1/2″ width. We are hoping they will make Eco Cat Harnesses and Leads so we can sport them outside on our walks.

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Sturdy Metal Bowls with a Designer Ceramic Look

7962_Robusto_Bowl_Aqua_Paws_XSmall_DThe Robusto Designer Pet Bowls, made by Loving Pet which are sturdy yet attractive, are the newest in our line of cat bowls at Cat Supplies and More. These bowls are metal, made of heavy gauge polished aluminum, so are sturdy and nearly damage-proof. At the same time, they have a lovely ceramic look inside. But these bowls but are definitely not fragile and breakable. Loving Pet says of this bowl: “Robusto Bowls™ are so tough, they survived our durability test: we ran one over with a 6500 lb. truck without damage! The only thing that dented was the tire!”

Each bowl has the polished aluminum look on the outside and upper rim, and the inside, which is still the same metal, has a colored ceramic look have cat paws around the sides and the bottom. Robusto Designer Metal Pet Bowls come in 5 colors: Ivory, Aqua, Purple, Sunburst, and Midnight (black).  Four of the colors have white paw prints, while the Ivory bowl has red paw prints.




Robusto Designer Metal Pet Bowls are 4.5″ across at the opening (slightly smaller at the base) and 1.5″ deep. Each bowl easily holds 1.5 cups of water or food. That’s a lot of food, or plenty of water for several kitties and several days.

We at Cat Supplies and More love the Robusto Designer Metal Pet Bowls for being the best of both words: a designer look with a long life span.


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We are so excited to finally announce that Primal Freeze-Dried Cat Food is now available at Cat Supplies and More. We first found this Primal Feline Freeze-Dried Cat Food at a boutique pet store and brought it home to try. WOW! Was it popular. We have been looking for good food to carry and this is a no-brainer. It is excellent, high-quality cat food, and because it is light-weight it is easy to ship when you order online. PrimalBeefSalmon-nuggets

It is very unique in that it is almost powdered and then formed into nuggets, which you can easy break apart. You can serve it loose and dry, maybe sprinkled on top of a finicky cat’s regular food, or served wet. Our Stormy likes it dry and fortunately Junior Fluffkins likes it wet, as he can’t have dry food because of a likelihood of a UTI. The options are endless with this cat food!

PrimalTurkey-14Primal Freeze-Dried Cat Food is made with fresh, human-grade ingredients. The poultry, meat, and game are free of antibiotics and steroids, and with no added hormones. The formulas include certified organic produce, certified organic minerals and unrefined vitamins to fortify our complete and balanced diets. All Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas contain fresh ground bone for calcium supplementation. This combination of ingredients offers optimum levels of the amino acids (protein), essential fatty acids, natural-occurring enzymes, and necessary vitamins and minerals that are the building blocks for your pet’s healthy biological functions. All of the ingredients found in Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas are procured from ranches and farms throughout the United States and New Zealand that take pride in producing wholesome raw foods through natural, sustainable agriculture.

The Primal Freeze-Dried Cat Food comes in three feline formulas: Beef and Salmon, Chicken and Salmon, and Turkey. And all three formulas come in two sizes: 14oz bag and 5.5oz bag. All are available at Cat Supplies and More. The light weight makes them perfect for shipping anywhere!

Tip: We have found that the Beef and Salmon requires more water but of course you can modify it to your cat’s liking.


This is Junior Fluffkins not long after I put the bowl down, and he’s already eaten enough to see the bottom of the bowl.

This is Junior Fluffkins cleaning the last bits of the the Primal food.

This is Junior Fluffkins cleaning the last bits of the Primal food.

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Ratherbee Carrot Catnip Toy

New in the Store from Ratherbee

We’ve added some new products recently, and we want to introduce you to the Ratherbee Carrot Catnip Toy.  If you follow this blog (and yes, we don’t keep it up as we should), you’ll know Cat Supplies and More really likes the Ratherbee catnip toys made by the wonderful folks at Blue Rat, in Pennsylvania. These Ratherbee Carrots are so cute, and according to the owner of the now-closed Creme de la Cat online cat supplies store, they were amongst her top selling products. In fact, it was thanks to Creme de la Cat that we decided to carry them in our store.

The Ratherbee Carrot Catnip Toy is 5″ long and packed with the Blue Rat/Ratherbee 100% organic catnip, some of the best we’ve ever found. The carrot is made of bright orange cotton fabric, and has several strands of green yarn at the top as “carrot greens”.  And we love how Blue Rat (a family owned business) rounds the top to make them exactly like a carrot should be. I can’t imagine sewing these.  And of course they are Made in America!

Ratherbee Carrot Catnip ToyWhen the new shipment arrived, we sent the first Ratherbee Carrot Catnip Toy out of the bag to one of our most frequent customers, for her to give it a try. She sent the following picture of her kitty Tiger (photo used with permission).  I love the orange kitty with his orange toy. She said it was a huge success.

You can find a complete list of our Ratherbee Catnip Toys here at Cat Supplies and More. Simply snip off the label, and watch your cat go crazy.


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